Showcasing an array of work which explores reconnecting fashion to farming, the who grew-your-clothes movement, unpicking fast fashion, & shifting consumer value.

Craft Workshops and

Opportunities to learn crafts, from
spinning to weaving and sewing. And to come
together to create a community quilt


next event: 18-25 November, Silk Mill Studios & Gallery, Frome, Somerset




As The Festival of Natural Fibres 2021 has now come to a close, the Exhibition of Natural Fibres will be travelling to various locations in the UK.

Supported by the Gandhi Foundation, it will be continuing in the South West (Frome, Somerset) and will also feature work by students of Chelsea College, in addition to various stalls.

“An exhibition with storytelling at its heart, celebrating the beauty of sustainable design, championing small businesses and artisans accross the globe! From baskets made in East Africa, handwoven textiles designed in the UK collaboratively made with artisans in India and fabrics from Nepal to local fibres spun and transformed in the heart of the UK, The Festival of Natural Fibres is an inclusive, diverse event leading the way for the future of transparency in textile design.”


In association with Khadi London and Freeweaver SAORI Studio. Organised by Cate Victoria, www.catevictoria.com


Welcome to Crafts and Conversations

An Inspiring Team

Alice Robinson

Deborah Barker

Erna Janine

Isobel and Phoebe Hunter-Mcllveen (on Rightside)

Jo Salter

Kishore Shah

Rachel Sheila Kan

Soma Mitra-Behura

Welcome to Crafts and Conversations

Fibrefest21: Schedule for Panel Discussions

August 21, 2021  – Saturday

11.00am – 11.30am : Inauguration + introduction of workshops taking throughout the weekend

11.30am – 12.30pm : Student Perspectives

Moderator: Safia Minney
Panellists: Ashna Patel, Caitlin Hartmann, Dikshita Bansal, Misha Nikkhah, Molly Nencini, Morgan Amber Martin, Sarah Tibbles

12.30pm – 02.15pm : Lunch / Workshops

02.15pm – 02.30pm : Shramdan A documentary on an innovative approach to Covid relief

02.30pm – 03.30pm : Panel Discussion Climate Change Action – Lessons from Gandhi’s Campaigns and Constructive Programmes

Moderator: Jo Salter
Panellists: Asha Buch, Esther Trienekens, Phoebe Hunter-Mcllveen, Safia Minney, Lord Bhikhu Parekh (Summing up via Zoom)

August 22, 2021 – Sunday  

11.45am – 12.45pm : Panel Discussion – Indian Fibres (Cotton, Wool, Forest Silk and Jute)

Panellists: Janine Erna, Jo Salter, John Skelton, Rachel Kan, Saumya Singh, Soma Mitra-Behura

12.45pm – 02.15pm : Lunch / Workshops

02.15pm – 02.30pm : Fibershed documentary

02.30pm – 03.30pm : Panel Discussion: British Fibres (Wool, Flax and Nettle)

Moderator: Jo Salter
Panellists: Alice Robinson, Allan Brown, Deborah Barker, Haldi Kranich-Wood, Harriet Fletcher-Gilhuys, Hollie Ward, Katie Allen, Rosie Bristow

03.30pm – 04.00pm : Short break

04.00pm – 04.45pm: Joint British & Indian perspectives – common themes and collaboration between the two countries

Please join us in rounding off the weekend with an open discussion between all participants, including speakers and visitors that have been a part of the panel discussions over the two days. We will address local planning/mid-level production, intergenerational collaboration, and growing a movement for a regenerative fashion/textile system.

Welcome to Crafts and Conversations


Welcome to Crafts and Conversations

Workshop Schedule

Festival of Natural Fibres : Introduction to Saori Weaving
Festival of Natural Fibres : Meaningful Making – Sew a handwoven toy/item
Festival of Natural Fibres : Mark Making and Art Books
Festival of Natural Fibres : Introduction to Nakshi Katha embroidery
Festival of Natural Fibres : Introduction to Saori Weaving
Welcome to Crafts and Conversations

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Event Direction

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